Friday, 24 August 2012

Simple Things

If nobody told you Life would be easy, you were probably among those lucky people who had sane people all around them influencing their upbringing. And definitely saner than the idiot who invented the board game: Life. Spin the wheel, make money and win. (I do like the tag line though: 'You Can Be A Winner').

No, life's not easy. It gets more complicated and difficult with every day, week, month and year. And you probably learnt a lot about it in your own respective ways while growing up. So I'm not here to lecture y'all on that. I'm here to pass on a very simple message: Lighten Up When You Can.

Let me explain. We all live about our lives trying to earn money, lead our own lives and try to meet expectations of our loved ones as well as ourselves added to the contribute to Global Economy and progress and all that Commerce bullshit that I'll never understand. Sometimes we get stuck in so deep that we barely have time to reach out and connect with the world around us, and in turn, with ourselves.

Simple Things... Things that may seem insignificant much at face value, but, can go a long way to keep you happy. Things that may seem a waste of time, but, if you try them, bring a sense of satisfaction from deep within.

Here's a list of things you I have experienced that help me connect with Nirvana - the divine feeling:

  1. Wake up around 15 minutes early from my normal morning schedule and open the windows. Look around at the dark skies at the crack of dawn, observe the first rays of light, feel the cool moist morning breeze and let it absorb me into it. I normally prefer plugging in my headphones and listen to a song or 2. (Coming Back To Life by Pink Floyd is among my all time faves).
  2. A late night drive at cruise speed.. Alone. Empty wet roads and again, my favorite music.
  3. Goa. Calangute Beach. 5:30 AM to 7AM. Half a foot deep in the water. Headphones on. Feeling the waves crashing on my knees and watching the slow, magnificent sunrise from behind me.
These are some moments when you can just forget everything about your daily life and perceive the beauty of the world you live in. Simple Things... We all need them. Trust me. They help.

Try it.
Break Free.

Cheers. :)

-Pratik Gupta.

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